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The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to our agents.  We've provided a number of resources here to help you.  There are are helpful links, sales and training information, and learn about our services.  You can also suggest improves to make this site more effective.

July 2008 New Tax Credit Law for 1st Time home Buyers

Your responsibility with regard to Lead Based Paint

How to use our Do Not Call Database and your responsibilities.

CIS - The Consumer Information Statement. What you need to know.

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We will discontinuing the use of WinData in the office. Tax info is available thru the mls's. Monmouth has the tax maps.

Window Guard Law for Rental Units

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6/1/2007 Use of Our Do Not Call List.

How we Comply, Our Plan 

  1. Before making any sales calls our agent are required to access the Do Not Call Registry.  If the number is listed in the registry the call can not be made without the consumer’s express written invitation or permission, or if our employee has a personal relationship with the consumer or if the company has an “established business relationship” with the consumer.
  2. The company employees will have access to the Do not Call registry thru the web site www.21online.com. , Do Not Call Sentry.  Agents must log and access the downloaded registry before making a sales call to the consumer.
  3. Consumers that request to be put on the companies do not call list should be referred to an office administrator or staff member
  4. The registry will be updated as required by law automatically by the “Do Not Call Sentry” website.
  5. Sales calls should be made between the hour of  9 am & 8 pm Monday thru Friday & between 10 am to 5 pm on weekends.
  6. When making a sales calls the employee must  give their name and the company name first and have their contact information available.  Proper conduct should always be used by the employee. Polite and courteous. Nothing to upset the consumer.

All employees are given a copy of this policy and are further trained on this policy when accessing the “Do Not Call Sentry” website.  Employees are require to acknowledge that they took the Do Not Call Sentry Training

CIS The Consumer Information Statement.

For buyers and seller/Landlords and Tenants of one to four family residential properties or vacant one-family lots.

The form is required to be delivered & explained to all customer at or prior to the first business meeting and prior to any material discussion of their desire to buy or sell.  That means that before you discuss and details about their situation or what they want and certainly before the first showing of a house.

You must

bulletInform buyer/seller – lessee/landlord of the four business relationships.  For a buyer that would mean give them a copy of the CIS & explain the 4 business relationships prior to the first discussion at which the buyer’s motivation or financial ability to buy is discussed and for a seller the same thing prior to the first discussion of the seller’s motivation to sell and prior to discussion of a selling price.

Buyer Agency Agreements must contain a statement that the customer has received a copy of the CIS, which buyer agency agreement does.

Our office policy is to have all buyers sign our buyer agency agreement.  If a buyer refuses to sign our buyer agency agreement then have them sign the CIS Form.  The original of either signed document will be given to the office manager. The law does not require anything to be signed but if you don't get one of the documents signed you will not have any proof that you complied with the law.

So for example if you are meeting a buyer for the first time, even if that meeting is in front of the home you intend to show them, you will give the buyer a copy of the CIS and explain it to them.  You should then ask the buyer which one of the representations they wish to work with you under. 

Window Guards On Rental Units


1. Multiple dwellings - three or more units.

2. Common interest communities such as Condominium Association or Cooperatives.


1. Any window in a room or hallway on the first floor if the sill of the window is more than six (6) feet above grade.

2.   Any hazardous condition at the location of the window regardless of height.

About the Law

1.   In all new Leases, Appendix 27A which is the model form in the Administrative Code must be included either in the Lease or as an Addendum to the Lease to give any perspective Tenant notice of the Tenant's rights to request the installation of window guards.  This includes a Lease by a condominium owner to a Tenant for an individual condominium unit.

2. Verbal notification to the new Tenant is also required; this may be in a written document separate from the Lease, and the owner must keep a record of this notification.

3.   Twice each year, the owner must deliver to each Tenant, a clear and legible notice either by hand delivery or certified mail.   One notice is required only in the year that the Lease was signed.   The owner must maintain a record of compliance.

4.   Post Notice - This must be posted in the common area; the notice would be recommended to be in the form of Appendix 27A.   The notice must include the obligation of the owner to install window guards at the request of the Tenant and the obligation of the Tenant to check the window guards.

5.   A three story building or higher - in January or February of each year, an orientation program must be conducted; a brochure in the form of Appendix 27B of the Code should be distributed; the Landlord must record attendance and post the notice of the meeting two weeks ahead of time.  This meeting is also required where public funds or public assistance is given for either construction of the building or assistance in the payment of Tenant's rents.



1. Any Tenant having a child of the age of 10 or under, may request installation.

2. The Tenant may be required to pay up to $20.00 per window for installation.



1. The Code provides for specifications for approved window guards.

2. Window stops do not fill the requirement under the Code.

3. The Tenant can request owner to repair; if the owner does not repair, the Tenant may contact the Bureau of Housing Inspection at 609-633-6210.

4. Tenant may request removal.  I recommend same be in writing.

5. Condominium installation - who installs?

(a) Inside the condominium unit - the owner of the unit installs.

(b) Hallways - the Community Association installs

(c) The Tenant must make a separate request to both the owner and the Association if they want window guards installed in both areas.




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