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The entire Office Policies & Producures for Century 21 Sylvia Geist Agency is available thru the office manger.  Any Some of the policy is available on this site.

bulletClick here for Agents reoccurring expenses as of 1/1/2007
bulletClick here for Lead Paint Disclosure info

Agent reaccuring expesneses

bulletBoard of Realtor (MCAR) Dues $280/yr.  This is mandatory. All licensees must join.
This is due by the 1st of every year & is late after the Jan. 15th.  Late fee will be added if paid after the 15th.  The payment is made to MCAR, not to the office.  You should get this bill in the mail.  If you don't pay the bill the MCAR continues to contact the office reminding us if you do not pay the bill on time & we bug you to make the payment.  If you don't pay by the deadline we have to terminate you license or the entire office is put on suspension.
bulletMonmouth County MLS. No loner mandatory . Calendar year starts 1/1. Current dues is $80 Bi-annually (160/yr.)  There is an additional fee to activate your lockbox to work in Monmouth County but the is optional ($135/yr).
bulletMiddlesex MLS.  This is optional, you are not required to join.  The dues are $168/yr. plus key box fees. The year begins April 1st of each year.
bulletYour real estate license is $100 for 2 years  next renewal is for the license year starting 7/1/2007.
bulletAdminsitrative fee. Agent's that no not close a transaction with a Gross Office Commission of at least $3,000 during the calendar year will be charged an administrative fee of $400 due by Feb. 1st of the following year.
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Lead Paint Disclosures Have It completed by the owner at the time you list the property!!!!

bulletProperly Signed Lead Paint Disclosures are required on all Residential Dwelling built prior to January 1, 1998. ( That means if it was built in 1977 or earlier it's required). If your not sure when it was built have it signed!!
bulletIt must be used for Sales & Rentals!
bulletThe seller must fill it out & sign it before the buyer or tenant signs it! 
bulletThe disclosure must be in a separate writing, that means not part of the lease or contract form.
bulletObtain a signed acknowledgment that the buyer has received the lead based paint Pamphlet. The office has these available for your use.  The contract of sale contains this acknowledgment in case you did not have it before hand.
bulletYou also need to make sure the the other parties to the contract properly filled, initialed and signed the form, including the co-broking agent.  So if you are a buyers agent make sure the seller and seller's agent completed the form properly and the same if you are the seller's agent. Make sure the buyer & buyer's agent completed the form properly.

These are the basics. For more detailed info or to print a copy of the Lead Pamphlet
 click here.

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